Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mad Jack has an outlet @ Paradiz Centre

We were at Mad Jack @ Jalan Kayu sometime back, so when I saw this outlet opened at Paradiz Centre, I was quite surprised. Apparently they have a number of outlets, including 1 at Bukit Timah. Great job in the business expansion! The food is good, and that helps a lot I think.

Not sure if I've seen vegetarian options the last time, but yupz there are various choices for the vegetarians out there too.

We ordered lemon fish that comes with yummy mushroom rice, as well as this huge chicken pattie burger. With addition $2, it comes with another pattie, and that makes it a 4 pattie chicken burger! Heh heh heh. The chicken burger was great, with soft bread buns and patties that were very flavourful. The lemon fish was nice too, especially when the mushroom rice added some asian touch to the food.

The whole dinner for 2, plus drinks, cost about $28. This is slightly 'ex' for a casual dinner but considering the portion and location, it is reasonable.

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