Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mad Jack Cafe @ Jalan Kayu

We had a great dinner at Mad Jack Cafe during one of the evenings. It was raining, and for some reason we didn't feel like eating prata despite being around Jalan Kayu.

The Mad Jack cafe is sited at the end of the shophouses, and there were some 'stalls' selling 2nd hand goods (I think) when we got there. We ordered a couple of items, a 'crazy chicken', garlic bread, apple pie + ice cream and drinks. The crazy chicken is fantastic! Lolz. I guess the name of 'crazy' fits the 'mad' cafe well.

The garlic bread is alright, and somewhat unique in taste. I like the apple pie with ice cream too. However I still think the chicken is best, partly cos' of having hot food in cool rainy weather. Overall a very satisfactory meal, and a good recommendation for something different from the prata.

The prices for the items are Garlic Bread $4.80, Crazy Chick $7.90, Apple Pie + Ice cream $4, and Earl Grey $2. With drinks, GST and service charge, the total damage is $23.

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