Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Fish Spa - Pictures & Youtube

During one of the lunches at Marina Square, I passed by this place with a Fish Spa. Yupz, a spa treatment with many little (some are not that little) fishes nibbling away at the dead skin on your legs and feet. It is pretty funny to see people squirming away when the fishes nibble at their feet.

It is said that fish spa can help people with dermatitis problem. However, there were also news articles about people getting skin rashes after a session with these fishes. It is said that people with weak immune system or open wounds should not try the spa due to possible bacterial infection.

Here's also a short YouTube of those at Fish Spa. Quite funny to watch. I guess I would try given the chance, but to pay for fishes to nibble at my feet, hmm...

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