Friday, October 03, 2008

Cut Fruits Vending Machines

There are now vending machines that sell cut fruits! I was at SMU looking for a place to study my notes when I come across this cut fruits vending machines. Seems like it is no longer such big news cos' there are articles in early Oct / end Sep that talked about the 22 such machines across the island.

The cut fruits vending machines are offered by Geok heng Enterprise, and each cup of fruits retails for $1 to $1.80. There are mixed fruits, guava, pineapple, honeydew...etc, and each cup comes with tooth picks for ease of handling. Wonder how often the retailer replaces the fruits. Well, so there is no longer an excuse not to eat fruits when access to cut fruits is so convenient.

Afternote: Straits Times ran an article on 11 Apr 09 about how popular such cut fruits vending machines were for the secondary school students.

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