Friday, August 07, 2009

Goodwood Park - Durian Fiesta & Mooncakes!

Goodwood Park's mooncakes are here again (soon). Currently they have the durian fiesta, which has been going on since 1 March, and will end by this weekend, i.e. 10 August. Their durian oreo cake ($48), durian & pandan (with coconut) cake ($46.80), and the puff ($39.80 for 20 pieces) are great! Orders can still be made at 6730 1786.

After trying their durian cakes last year, I have since keep an eye lookout for their durian offerings.

9 days after the end of the fiesta, their mooncakes promotion will start. I guess it takes a week or so to prepare the equipment and bakery for mooncake making. They do have the early bird offer, where the 2nd box is offered at 50% off after you bought the 1st box of 4. Credit cards discounts are also available. Details could be found at their website.

Yesh the words are a bit small so let me type them out (mooncakes of 4 pieces):
1) Lotus seed paste w melon seeds ($43)
2) Lotus seed paste w double yolks ($47)
3) Lotus seed paste w 4 yolks ($52) - wow 4 yolks!
4) Assorted nuts with ham ($51)
5) White Lotus seed paste w double yolks ($49)
6) Piglets ($4.80 per piece)

Snowskin selections:
1) Soursop paste in snowskin ($40) - soursop... that is new
2) Mango w pomelo in snowskin ($40)
3) D24 durian paste in snowskin ($48) - yeah!
4) Cempedak paste in snowskin ($48)
5) Combos - 1 each from above ($44)

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