Friday, July 08, 2011

阿宗面线 A Chung Mian Xian @ Taipei

阿宗面线 (A Chung mian xian) is such a famous name in Taiwan such that most tourists will try to drop by for a bowl of their famous thick broth noodles. I like that fact that the innards served in their noodles are cooked just nice - chewy and without any 'odour' found in innards. Each mouthful of the tasty noodle is filled with ingredients. The noodle is cooked just right, and not too soggy, while the thick broth is flavourful and not overly rich.

The servings come in two sizes - NT60 and NT45. The two sizes are just nice to fit the appetite of a guy and girl respectively. We tried the outlet at 西門町 but I understand they have many other outlets, including another stall at the touristy Shilin night market (士林夜市).

At A Chung Mian Xian, there are no tables. Everyone has to hold their own bowl of noodles and slurp up the meal using spoons. This adds to the unique experience of a street side food journey. Other than tourists, there are Taiwanese who drop by for a quick lunch. For those who are dropping by Taipei, do try the A Chung Mian Xian (阿宗面线)!

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