Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Google+ Are You Invited Yet?

Goggle Plus has exceeded 10+ million members in less than a month from launch on 28 June. Quite a spectacular growth, but of course it is no where near the scale of Facebook yet.

Honestly speaking the 'free for all to see' nature of Facebook has created many awkward moments for many. If Google+ can create a more acceptable form of social networking, I think there is a lot of untapped potential for this social networking yet. I am curious to find out how the Google+ Circle concept can create the nuances that are necessary for more enhanced / 'real life' sharing of information with friends and family. Of course, I am also hoping to see new social networking games that may possibly be better and more engaging than those I see on Facebook.

As of now I couldn't get the invite for Google+. 10+ million members and none of my contacts is part of it, what a pity. Nonetheless I've signed up for the alert, and hopefully I can get an invite soon.

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