Monday, July 04, 2011

Vacheron Constantin's Treasures @ National Museum of Singapore

"Do better if possible, and that is always possible" was a quote from Francois Constantin, which became the motto of the famous watch maker Vacheron Constantin. I was impressed when I saw this motto at the 'Treasures of Vacheron Constantin' exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore.

Perhaps it is with such a spirit that the makers of these watches are able to improve their designs and the maker won numerous awards, again and again. The exhibition showcased the many watches of Vacheron Constantin, accompanied by explanations of the uniqueness of each watch. Vacheron Constantin is a (very expensive) Geneva watch maker that is very well known amongst the watch enthusiasts.

The exhibition is highly educational, and visitors can gain a better understanding of how watches have evolved from the big gigantic clocks of the early days, and subsequently devices that could endure seafaring journeys. There are summary of the developments of "horology", i.e. the measuring of time that stretched back since 1755. Of course, there are also short video clips that highlighted the painstaking efforts of the watch makers as they crafted the miniature enamel watches or those jeweled watches with blinding brilliance.

I am glad the National Museum of Singapore brought in this exhibition. For those who are interested, the exhibition 'Treasures of Vacheron Constantin' is held from 24 June to 14 August 2011. There are also free guided tours (in both English and Mandarin) at fixed timings. Admission is free, and the exhibition is located at basement 1 of the museum.

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