Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Longest Total Lunar Eclipse - 15th June 2011

The longest total lunar eclipse in nearly 11 years will occur within the next 24 hours! The exact timing of the lunar eclipse will start at 1724 GMT to 2300 GMT. The last time when such total lunar eclipse occurred was on 16th July 2000. I took a picture of the nearly full moon, by the East Coast beach about 4.5 hours ago (shown below) and I must say that the moon looked extra bright tonight somehow, as if shining its fullest before its eclipse in a few hours time.

Some people feel that during eclipse or full moon, strange things will happen. However, I checked the date of the last eclipse (16th July 2000) on Google and found nothing. Since the longest total lunar eclipse will occur later during my sleeping hours, I wouldn't be staying awake to catch it. Tomorrow surely there will be plenty of videos about this event on YouTube.

Afternote: Google did up a doodle about this lunar eclipse. Not as fun as their Les Paul guitar doodle but for hose interested, you can have fun here (Google Doodle).

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