Friday, June 24, 2011

Prata Wala @ Serangoon Nex

Craving for prata in Singapore? There are a number of good prata places spread all over the island. At the somewhat new Serangoon Nex, we found yet another good prata eatery - Prata Wala! They are sited as an islet on the 2nd floor of Serangoon Nex (near a set of elevators).

Prata Wala serves both prata and naan. I'm most impressed by their curry. There is a good thick consistency to their curry (unlike some establishments that serve very watery) with a right mixture of spices that make the curry yummy. The chicken is also well seasoned and the bite into the chicken drumstick is enjoyable. 

The naan is good while the prata itself is pretty standard. Next time I shall try the egg prata or even the paper prata, which look very attractive. Prata Wala also serves thosai and briyani for those interested. The naan set comes with flavourful rice and other assortments while the prata set includes the chicken curry.

Overall, the cost of both prata and naan set plus the drinks (separately charged) comes up to about $18, which is slightly pricier compared to the standard coffeeshop prata. But then again, this is the Prata Wala at the new hip place along the North East Corridor - Serangoon Nex, so prices are expected to be higher. Prata Wala has two more outlets at Jurong Point and Tiong Bahru Plaza but I guess the prices should be similar.

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