Monday, April 18, 2011

NLB Book Exchange 2011 - Part 2

Last Saturday was the NLB Book Exchange at the Plaza, NLB Building. Armed with a few coupons (exchangeable for 8 books) I attended the event. Yes it was crowded but quite orderly. Every now and then, the NLB staff would pushed out new carts of books, and everyone would crowd around to have a first 'grab' of the 'newly arrived' stocks.

There were books of all kinds, including what I considered as popular books. I saw the Lord of the Rings, as well as the 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' series. There were also some popular comics among the Chinese fiction section. I grabbed only 4 books and forfeited the rest of the coupons ( I handled them over to the NLB staff) since I don't think I can read that many books. Nonetheless there were folks with trolleys and big bags.

Here's a few photos taken at the Plaza of NLB Building on 16th April 2011:

I was very impressed by the thoughtfulness of the NLB Book Exchange organisers. Although they stated that bags would not be given for the event, i.e. bring your own bags, there was actually a pile of used / extra bags at the exit of the Book Exchange section. Thus anyone who need bags could grab one - i.e. bags recycling in action. If I had known, I would have brought over a number of such paper bags to 'donate' to others as well.

Other than bags, the organisers were also giving away bottled drinks in exchange for feedback forms. For those who did not provide feedback forms, they could grab 'Newater' provided by the PUB instead. So those folks who had stayed at the Books Exchange event for hours, they would be able to quench their thirst (yes it was hot and humid) upon exiting the place.

I think I will return next year for NLB Book Exchange 2012, and maybe 'exchange' the four books I grabbed for other books. We can all do our part for recycling yah... lolz.

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