Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sweden Easter Food - Semla from IKEA

Easter is coming and globally Easter is celebrated in different ways with special Easter delicacies. Semla is part of the Swedish tradition of Easter celebration, and Singapore's IKEA has put this seasonal Easter dessert on its menu.

It is very nice of IKEA to include a short write-up on what semla means to the Swedish people. Here's the extract of the note accompanying the semla dessert.
The delicious Swedish semla is a wheat bun, lightly cardamom-spiced, partially filled with smooth almond paste and crowned with fresh fluffy whipped cream. Almost floating on the creation is the cut-off bun lid, sprinkled seductively with fine icing sugar.

In Sweden, the semla was traditionally eaten as dessert topping up the festive meals that was taken in preparation for Easter fasting.
Indeed, the semla (S$3.50) is a delicious dessert and I enjoyed it. The whipped cream retained the milkiness that tasted better than those commercial whipped creams. The serving is sufficient for two, especially after a heavy dinner. For those who want to sample a bit of the Swedish Easter mood, try the semla from IKEA!

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