Saturday, April 09, 2011

NLB Book Exchange 2011

During my visit to the library I found out that NLB is organising the Book Exchange 2011 this month. This is a great idea, as I think there are people with bookshelf full of books that they no longer need, and who do not mind exchanging them for other books of interest to them. Ahem, I think I have some books of such nature on my shelves.

The actual book exchange event will take place on the 16 April 2011, and for those interested, just follow the steps below (summarised from the NLB booklet):

a) Bring the used books to any public library from 2 April to 15 April, and redeem for book exchange coupon that indicates the no. of 1 for 1 book exchange; and

b) Bring the coupons (and your bags for those with a lot of books) to The Plaza (ground floor) of National Library Building (the one next to Bugis Junction) on 16 April to redeem for books.

Some points to note:
- textbooks, mags and audio-visual stuff not accepted
- used library books from previous Library Book sales accepted (in ok condition)... I have quite a number of those
- max. of 50 books per pax can be exchanged

Judging from the photos from previous years, I think it will be a very crowded Plaza on the 16 April.

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