Thursday, May 06, 2010

Movie - Iron Man 2

We watched Iron Man 2 when it was released last weekend. Overall it was an entertaining movie, and you can expect the usual from such comic-turned-big screen movie, i.e.

a) hero demonstrating his power,

b) hero gets into trouble (he was suffering from palladium poisoning),

c) hero gets into more trouble (attacks from villian, typically using same genre of super power, i.e. special armour in this case),

d) hero gets some form of teaching / revelations (in this case, it was combination of Nick Fury from SHIELD, and Tony Stark's father's message about a new element)

e) hero gets into a fight with villian (aided by hero's friend)

f) hero wins, and is rewarded with favourable response from the hero's love

g) hints of another episode

For some reason these same elements were also present in other superhero movies, e.g. Spiderman, Hulk etc etc. Yes, they are all adapted from Marvel Comics.

Ok, other than the predictable plot, I must say the whole Iron Man 2 movie is good because of the cast and the many humourous dialogues inserted in the script (remember the super explosive named 'ex-wife'?).

The armours were also pretty well designed and there were some attempts at real science in the movie (no, I don't think a super particle collider can fit into the basement of that size).

Oh, for those who have not watched it yet and intend to do so, do stay till the credits roll is over, because at the end there is a short additional clip that links to the next Avengers related super hero movie. Yes there will be Iron Man 3, but no, the additional clip deals with Thor, and the movie on Thor is set for the big screen next year.

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