Saturday, May 08, 2010

Sticker Albums by Panini

Remember those days where kids collect stickers and paste them on sticker albums? Yes I used to be one of those who will save up and buy such sticker packs.

Thus it brought back memories when I 're-discover' one pre-historic animals album when I was packing my room last week. Actually this wasn't the oldest sticker album I had. I recalled there was an earlier dinosaur related album by Panini as well, and I was obsessed with collecting them at the age of 8.

Such sticker albums were my first lesson in economics - scarcity and its value.

I recalled selling a number of the Ghost Busters 'silver' stickers (with Alphabet labels instead of the normal numbers) to fellow kids for $0.30 to $1 each. Those were the stickers where a complete set can yield a Ghost Buster toy. Nope I figured that I can never collect enough of the stickers to get the toy, but I could sell the loose silver stickers to those who 'aspired' to get the toy. The silver stickers are scarce in that sense and have value.

Weird isn't it. Maybe that is why I've never had a complete album. See those blank spots in these pictures? Lolz. Are these sticker albums still popular with the kids of today, or is it all digital games & pets now?

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