Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random Pictures from a Seoul Restaurant

When one is traveling with a very tight schedule for the overseas trips, one seldom remembers the details of the meals. Nonetheless I managed to take some quick shots of a dinner at a Seoul Restaurant for my recent mid-April trip.

As usual, more than half the time I don't really know the composition of the dishes. The restaurant gave a lot of dishes and overall it cost about 66,000 wons for my colleague and myself. If anyone knows what dishes are these, do tell me.

The restaurant has an interesting way of preparing the prawns by putting small bits of dates and ginko nuts(?) on the prawns.

I am not sure what the orangy / yellowish sauce is but I suspect there is some raw egg yolks in it. The sauce is alright when mixed with the salad.

I do like this seaweed / jelly mixed salad. Somehow we get served a lot of these salads mix. Well these are all the pictures I took. I got some glances from other patrons when I was taking the photos so I stopped. Next time I should bring a translator and perhaps I would have a better understanding of what I am putting into my mouth. :)

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