Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Random Food Pics - White Dog Cafe

We had dinner once at the White Dog Cafe (Vivocity). The food were good and so was the view. It is quite nice dinning with a full view of Sentosa. I know that normally there would be a long queue (well, most Vivo restaurants have long queues) but we were lucky that day as we were pretty late and skipped past the evening crowd.

Here's some random pictures of the food from White Dog Cafe. First we had the duck / chicken salad. Not bad, but the chicken was slightly dry.

Next we had the seafood medley pasta. This was one of the better pasta, because of the very interesting sauce that they used. There were bits and pieces of dry shrimps in the sauce, and coupled with the garlic, it helped to mixed the flavours of the seafood with the pasta.

Here's the pork chop. Hmm normal pork chop that was above average, but well, normal for this price range.

Finally here's the beverages, with the Sentosa bridge as the backdrop of the photo. Generally I liked the use of cinnamon to serve as the stirrer for my cappuccino.

Generally the food at White Dog Cafe is not bad. The trick is to go after the evening crowd has left, and thus the chefs have more time to prepare your food properly.

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