Tuesday, February 16, 2010

MacDonald's 'O'spicious Orange Latte - 吉

Yupz the local Mc Cafe has rolled out the 'O'spicious orange Latte to welcome the Lunar new Year. Hmm basically it is orange flavoured latte with a 吉 made from orange powder.

They also served orange frappe ($5.20) and orange hot chocolate ($5.40). I tried the orange latte of course ($4.90).

After the person poured in the milk foam, they just put a metal shaped mold and poured in the orange powder. I've taken a picture of the metal shaped mold (shown below).

So the end result is a latte with a '吉' character. Depending on the skill of the person, the '吉' character may not come out nicely. Taste wise it is so-so. It is more for adding to the mood of this season than for the taste of the beverage. I would rather they pour in some real fresh orange juice together with the coffee. I had such concoction before and it tasted real good actually.

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