Monday, February 01, 2010

Singapore's Housing Craze

I think right now there is a housing craze in Singapore. So many reports on public housings.

Public housing is even linked to election, where prominent people said that 'Don't cast protest vote over rising flat prices'. It seems many opposition parties have their eyes set on contesting the ward in charge by the Minister looking at housing.

What I cannot comprehend is that with so much conern about unrealistic housing prices, why isn't that policy changes to address it? Some reports mention that quotas would be set for buyers of HDB flats, but well, it is just study for now.

Strange. I think it is just bad planning on the government's part. That's about it. With all the statistic on hand, I cannot understand why it takes such a long time for them to react.

Weird, disturbingly weird. Maybe it is worthwhile for the opposition to take a stab at looking after housing policy.

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