Friday, February 19, 2010

60s Live Seafood @ Fairway Drive (Bukit Timah)

I was trying to find places with great food that wouldn't be that crowded and chance upon this '60's Live Seafood' located at Fairways Drive. Yupz, the place wouldn't sound familiar to most people, except to those golfers I suppose. I was trying to find Asian food with good reviews.

60's Live Seafood is actually located along Bukit Timah, off Eng Neo Avenue. Judging from the map it is really an 'ulu', i.e. a single road in a patch of the map that is largely green in colour. So yupz the minute I saw that I knew I got a good place with less crowd. After a pretty long drive, we reached the location, and there is free parking!

We ordered a lot of food and let me introduce them. For a start, they served us these deep fried crab sticks with chilli sauce. It is somewhat similar to prawn crackers with sauce but the taste is better.

For ordered dishes, we started with this 'kau kee soup with assorted eggs', and I must say that the soup is yummy! There is a mix of three different types of eggs, i.e. chicken egg, century egg, and salted duck egg. The soup comes in a ceramic container that helps to keep it warm.

Then we had the 60's claypot beancurd. While the taste is good, there is nothing particularly special about it, i.e. a claypot dish that many good restaurants can serve. The portion is a big one though, despite us ordering the 'smallest' option.

Next is the roasted chicken. This is a delicious dish where the chicken pieces are roasted well with herbs (slightly salty) and not oily. The skin is really crispy and yet the chicken is not charred.

For carbo we had this 60's fried rice. I think they named many of the dishes as 60's something because they are located at 60 Fairway Drive, and not because it got anything to do with 1960s. The fried rice is somewhat different. They put in cut fish balls and fish cakes, with plenty of chinese cabbage and some pork floss on top. Portion is good enough for two although (again) we ordered the smallest option.

Overall the experience is good. The service is good, and it is always a pleasant dinning experience when you are surrounded by greenery with less crowd.

The prices are alright (we over ordered the amount of food). The half chicken cost $12, the nice kau kee soup $13, the claypot beancurd at $15, and the fried rice $8. If you are using Citibank card, there would be a discount. In total we spent $52.40 for two.

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