Thursday, October 08, 2009

Korean Food from Seoul Trip - Part 1

After a good long holiday in Korea / Seoul, it took some adjustments when one is back to the humid and hot Singapore. Nonetheless there are lots of photos that capturedthe  moments of Korea trip, and here's some of the food photos.

Let me show the non-spicy dishes first. Hotpots are fairly common in Korea when you have groups of people sitting together to enjoy a meal. These hotpots are fairly standard, with clear flavourful broth and meat / vegetables simmering in the metal pans while the diners pick pieces of the different accompanying dishes as appetizers. The Koreans do have a lot of different appetizers to try, including the many varieties of kimchi, fish cake, bean sprouts, fish slices...etc.

At times they would add a big squid / octopus into the hotpot for variety sake. What is surprising is that their shrimps are really small. I thought the easy access to the seas should yield bigger prawns instead of really mini-size shrimps. Hmm.

Of course, another popular non-spicy Korean dish is the ginseng chicken. The Koreans enjoy it by adding in a small cup of ginseng liquor that helps to bring out the flavour of the hot soup in the stone bowl. The glutinous rice stuffed in the chicken serves as the carbs for the meal. For those who are hungry, portions of noodles can also be added.

The Koreans have a lot of spicy food actually, and I will introduce them in the next post.

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