Tuesday, September 22, 2009

e-Books, lucky draws... by the public library

The public libraries are getting more innovative in their service offerings. It is quite interesting to read that the library offers an 'digital books borrowing' service. I think that is a great initiative. Well I do have an account, but let me try to recall my password first :p Their website featuring the many different titles do look attractive. Now I wonder if I should buy a Sony Reader to read books on the go. The different versions with 5" to 7" sells for between S$200-S$350. Quite expensive for a 'book reader' I would say. Maybe at the next IT show there will be discounts.

Other than the digital library concept, I've also seen a number of lucky draws where borrower of 4 books would be entitled to a lucky draw ticket. Nope I didn't win anything from the draw. The Marine Parade branch even have trading card games to give away should the person borrow 4 books (no I didn't get any).

Going to the library is indeed a hip thing to do, and yes they do need more seats and tables. Couches and quiet reading rooms would be great!

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