Monday, November 09, 2009

Korean Food (by the Roadside) - Part 2

Finally here comes Part 2 of the Korean Food experience. The month long absence was due to a combination of factors, including job, computer malfunction, and others.

There are quite a number of road side stalls with somewhat unique korean food. There is this bbq squid cooked using hot stones (instead of naked flame). The squid is the raw un-dried version, and after being cooked on the stones, there is this combination of slightly crispy taste for the skin with the chewy texture of the squid. This will be one of the Korean food I missed.

There is also the Yakitori / satay version roadside stall in Seoul. There is this stall near a park, where passer-by could just ordered the skewers of meat and ate them on the spot. The stall also offers plain soup to wash down the food.

The roadside stalls offer not just food, but also some form of entertainment, as the would be buyers would crowd around the stall to look at the entire food making process. This is especially true for this Myeong Dong fishcake. The food is freshly made on the spot, and we witnessed the entire process of mashing the fish paste into tubular forms before the stall owner deep fried it. The aroma alone is already enticing enough to draw the long queue.

There is also thsi stall which sells twisted potato on sticks! There is a machine to slice the single potato nicely while twirling it on a stick. After deep frying it, we can dip the potato onto cheese and enjoy it on the go.

After we came back to Singapore, I realised that the Korean food outlet at Kallang Leisure Park is also selling the same twisted potato. I guess it is a Korean thing.

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