Thursday, September 03, 2009

Overcrowded during the 'Hungry Ghost' month

The last couple of days I had the good fortune to wander around city area (i.e. on leave), and it was amazing to see crowds of people. Buses were frequently full, regardless of the hour of the day (at least for those that plow the city area). I couldn't find a coffee place to park myself and use my laptop.

This is the period of the 7th lunar month (hungry ghost month) where typically people would not stay out late that often, but nonetheless I still see crowds. I guess the concept and impact of Hungry Ghost month is not that apparent to the younger folks, PRs and tourists. In a way that is good for the businesses, since there are news articles (Straits Times, Asiaone) to say that even this Hungry Ghost month has not deter people from buying apartments. (Note: traditionally superstituion states that moving house, buying house, renovation etc should not be done during the 7th lunar month).

Orchard, Cityhall, Bugis Junction and Iluma, Suntec, Central (much less crowded during day time), NLB, Funan, Bras Basah, Parkie... etc are crowded, and I wonder where in the city centre can I find an oasis of peace for moments of thoughts. I think there are really too many people squeezed into this little red dot. We have a lot more new citizens these days, in the aim of reaching a far bigger population. Hmm perhaps there are still quiet Starbucks around somewhere.

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