Monday, September 07, 2009

East Coast Lagoon Hawker Food - Stingray & Chicken wings!

We all have our own different favourite hawker food in Singapore. I would think some of the popular ones would be located at the East Coast Lagoon hawker centre.

The place is quite famous for the 民记 satay mee hoon. Often there are long queues and frankly speakign the uncles cooking the mee hoon aren't very fast either. What is very very surprising is that there are even people queing up for the food before the stall opens for business! I saw about 10 odd people queuing the last weekend we went there (those folks queing in front of the centre stall). Amazing!

The hungry me of course didn't queue and wait. I ordered the part chilli / part garlic stingray from the stall next to it (right most stall in picture above). I think that is a good decision! This part chilli (right part in picture below) / part garlic combination actually taste great. The garlic portion has both garlic and also bean paste, and gives a good contrast compared to the spicy portion.

We also had chicken wings, and yes the chicken wings were good. I think the food from the stalls at the East Coast Lagoon are generally satisfying. The satays are good, but we were too full to order any more food.

This is the stall that we ordered the chicken wing from (亚辉). Oh, it is also nice to have a full coconut to help wash down the oily food (nope no pictures cos' it is, well, just a coconut).

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