Saturday, August 22, 2009

Interactive Solvil Titus Advertisements at Bugis Bus stop

Advertisers are getting more creative in attracting the attention of their potential customers. Sometime back in July 2009, I saw this interactive advertisement for Solvil Titus at the bus stop next to Bugis Village.

See the two counters (1730 & 7701)? They reflected the number of times people 'vote' for the two Solvil Titus message (Take a life time to find love & Seize the moment for passion) reflected on the advertisements. Commuters who were feeling bored while waiting for their buses can press the respective red button to vote.

I think this is a very interesting way of engaging the potential customers. At least it makes me remember the adverts. Those who were interested would take a moment to 'vote' and that created a deeper impression in their minds, which is what advertising is all about isn't it?

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