Monday, August 17, 2009

Nanbantei (of Tokyo) @ Far East Plaza

Nanbantei is an excellent Japanese yakitori restaurant located at Far East level 5. The whole setting is rather authentic and one of the chef is definitely a Japanese. I think they have more than 1 Japanese chef since I recognised an old Japense uncle who was not serving at the grill counter. That particular Japanese uncle serves one of the best yakitori!

Nanbantei has one of the best yakitori in town and there are many great reviews about it. One thing I like about the place is that they serve raw vegetable sticks with miso sauce / sea salt. Thus when one wants to clear the mouth of meat taste prior to taking another yakitori stick, one can do so easily.

The palce is not too big, but generally I think Japanese eateries are not too big / spacious, so that there is this cosy ambience. I think it is great to sit at the counter where one can watch the chefs in action. It is sort of fun to see how the chef sprinkle the salt onto the dish, and see how your sticks are being cooked.

Beside great yakitori, they also serve other authentic Japanese food. I like their onigiri, that comes in three different options (with salmon, with plum pickle, and with fish roe).

Ok let's see the sticks themselves. Here's the pictures of the yakitori sticks. We ordered a number of sticks, includigng scallops and prawns. Yesh! The scallops and prawns are great! Of course I must say that the prawns and scallops are also the more expensive stuff, and that explains the $90+ bill we got for the two of us.

I liked shisamo after my recent japan trip. I think shisamo done nicely, would not have the fishy smell, and yet give just the right flavour to the fish.

When you feel like having yakitori, drop by Far East level 5 to try out Nanbantei. They also have set offerings that are not as costly. Give them a call at 67387470 to reserve seats, or else during peak hours it may be hard to get seats.

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