Monday, July 06, 2009

Singapore Science Centre Tour - Tesla Coil & others

The Singapore Science Centre is a very interesting place to visit. Often the location (in Jurong) deters people from making visits but I must say it is quite worth it actually. Of course, please do not go during school holidays or you would be squeezing past the exhibits with school going students.

Right in front of the entrance is this big dinosaur model. The model moves (somewhat slowly) but is still entertaining enough to take photo with.

After you paid for the entrance fees (a bit expensive), you can select the galleries to visit. We saw the optical illusions which gave me the impression that it is a huge magician gallery with its many 'tricks'. For example, can you spot the 'humans' between the columns in the picture below?

Further into the galleries we were being shown more 'scientific stuff', for example the strobe fountain where we can see the droplets of waters. By varying the frequency of the strobe light, we could even make the water droplets 'flow' back / upwards.

There was also a demonstration of the Tesla Coil. The demo was really interesting with the different 'lightning-like' tesla buzzing in the air. I took a short video clip and here's the YouTube I took.

The more difficult part of the visit (which meant that I don't exactly understand the exhibits) is the part on the DNA. The diagrams were all quite nice, but honestly other than diagrams I were exactly impressed by what they have.

The most interesting part of the visit is the Omimax Theatre. We selected the sea monsters, which was about prehistoric sea creatures. Looking at huge monsters and fossils in the big theatre is quite an experience. Over the years there were a lot of different Omimax films.

So yupz, drop by the Singapore Science Centre if you have the time!

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