Monday, July 20, 2009

友记家传鸭饭 & Kway Chap - Opp Bugis Junction

There is this great kway chap and duck rice shop (友记家传鸭饭) right opposite Bugis Junction (right across from MOS Burger side). It is a coffee shop setting and is quite suitable for a quick and good meal ($3.80 - $4).

Both the duck rice and kway chap (broad rice noodles with pig innards and egg) are simply fantastic. I think it's got to do with the sauce they used for the dish. They splash generous amount of this sauce onto the meat and I think they put a generous amount of different spices and herbs into making this sauce. Thus there is no 'meat' smell for the different innards.

Yes I know it is sinful. The amount of oil, and the other unhealthy parts of this dish mean that one cannot have it too often. Nonetheless it is definitely worth a try! The 'kway' is also smooth in its feel and yes they use the same sauce for the 'kway' except that they mix in some soy mixture to dilute the concentration or else it will simply be too salty.

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