Monday, July 27, 2009

Desserts at MOF

MOF (Ministry of Food)'s Japanese desserts are worth trying. Generally they do serve nice varieties that make diners drool somewhat. MOF has plenty of branches spread around the city area, and so it is not hard to find them or try their food.

We had these desserts sometime back and here's some of the photos:

One thing I like about MOF is that they bother to pass the diners little slips of paper that explain the desserts. This adds the information dimension to the whole dinning experience, and it is always nice to know how to / origins of the food you are eating.

For example Kanten Jelly is made from the roots of a plant with the same name, and it contains fibre. Normally it is plain but MOF added the dark sauce made from black prunes and black dates. So yupz, when you feel like having Japanese style desserts, drop by MOF for some varieties!

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