Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ion @ Orchard - 21 July 09

The ION at Orchard is opening soon on 21st July 2009, and that is just 2 days away!

Normally I am not that excited about shopping centres, but recently the newer shopping centres do have interesting architecture (another example is Bugis Iluma) and that is the fascinating factor.

ION Orchard seems to be a place for those with more 'atas' taste, since their website describes that ION will be home to exclusive boutiques and arts. I have no objection to the arts part, because the currently entire Orchard shopping belt is simply too commercial in its feel. A few more buildings with more interesting and varied shops will be fine.

To project this artistic and somewhat different feel to the shopping centre, ION Orchard has made this '3D Augmented Reality' video where users can use their video webcam to get a 3D image of ION, quite cool. I wonder what other special stuff would they give away / showcase during the opening of the shopping centre on 21 July 09.

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