Tuesday, July 14, 2009

BreadTalk - 10 years

Heh the BreadTalk promotion just ended today. I didn't realise that BreadTalk is now 10 years old. During the promotion, the breads were all priced at $1.10 and if you have bought 10 buns, they would cost just $9. That would be less than a dollar each per bun. Quite worth it!

BreadTalk was also giving away some vouchers with discount, e.g. $1 off with any 5 buns purchase. These vouchers would expire by 20 Sep. It is interesting how a bread shop could grow to such a size, to include Food Republic, Din Tai Fung, and Toastbox. Yes, it is also a listed company. All these achievements done is 10 years.

Wonder if I start a company, could I also be as successful? I don't think there are many such local companies which enjoyed such growth. Lolz. Oh yah, I bought the discounted bread and below is a photo of the bread spread at the shop.

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