Monday, May 04, 2009

High stress, low salary driving away Singaporeans?

I saw this report from Asiaone website that cited the 4 reasons Singaporeans stay put abroad. The writer cited high stress (our working lifestyle is all work and no play), low salary (compared to other cities), exposure, and lack of entrepreneurship.

The last 2 are not (in my view) the real reasons. If one seeks exposure, one will return after that need for exposure is satisfy and not stay out away forever. Lack of entrepreneurship depends on what the person wants to do; there are many instances of successful local entrepreneurs. Some started from selling trinkets on websites, clothes imported from overseas, food outlets, and even the sale of cupcakes online (yah C-Cup fellows).

So I think the real reasons are the first two factors, the high stress and lower salary for these people of the relevant skill sets. Once individuals realised that they can earn more from their skills and yet subject themselves (and families) to lower stress, there is no compelling reasons to lure them back.

Yeah, I do think our stressful lifestyle kills off 'life' in general here, unless one is the very rich, or has master the fine art of balancing high stress with lifestyle aims (hmm workaholic?).

Lolz, I guess it's the Monday blues affecting me at this early hour of Monday...

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