Thursday, April 30, 2009

Basil Alcove @ Fortune Centre, Middle Road

Want an affordable french meal in the heart of the city? Go to Basil Alcove!

This nice french eatery is sited at a corner of the Fortune Centre, facing the junction of NAFA and Sunshine Plaza. Basil Alcove used to occupy a smaller location within the same building but has since shifted to this bigger corner.

When you are at Basil Alcove, try their duck dishes. We had this salad and duck appetizer ($12.60) which tasted great. We had already tried their pan fried duck earlier and so we ordered other main dishes instead.

While waiting for our main dishes to come, we had a pot of Earl Grey ($4.50). The pot comes with matching decorated cups that added a nice feel to the experience. Despite the eatery being touted as a no-frill dinning place, they had taken care to add some deco (i.e. the flower at the table).

We had poached salmon as one of the main dishes. The salmon is done just right, with the skin slightly crisp, while the fish meat is still succulent and not dry. I like the way they decorate the food that adds to the overall experience.

Here's a picture of my orange and shrimp pasta ($12.60). Not that well taken, but the food is tasty. There are quite a number of shrimps hidden underneath pasta covered with cheese.

The overall experience at Basil Alcove is good, except for the evening traffic noises that makes conversation difficult. However, for this kind of prices and the quality of food, the place is definitely worth a try.

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