Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Post CNY Spring Cleaning

Most people do their spring cleaning before the Chinese New year, but I guess I was too busy then. So over the weekend I did my belated spring cleaning.

It is quite amazing that a large amount of time needed to clear out simple stuff. I spent nearly 3 hours clearing out just a stack of old magazines (some as old as 2004) to make way for my course notes. Part of the reason is that I would flip through the magazines to see if any article is worth keeping. So there is now a small collection of rather useful articles, though I'm not sure if I would use them in future.

Actually magazines are generally environmentally unfriendly. There are pages and pages of advertisements which we do not generally pay attention to, or at most spend a couple of seconds on. Compared to the actual articles with reading and pictures / photos involved, these adverts and page fillers are waste of paper.

After the hours of magazines clearance, more time was spent on clearing another pile of papers - letters and bills. I didn't know I was asked to do some official surveys, and even received a reminder to do so. Shouldn't surveys be voluntary participation in nature?

Then there was the library fine. Lolz. I didn't know that if the fines (about a dollar) are not paid by April, I would not be able to borrow any books from the library.

Oh well, lucky for me to discover it earlier. The belated spring cleaning was somewhat useful afterall.

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