Sunday, February 15, 2009

Big Fish Seafood Grill @ Upper East Coast Road

We had a great seafood time at Big Fish during the weekend. The restaurant is located at 85 Upper East Coast Road. Parking is not too bad if you are willing to walk abit, since those private housing at the back of the restaurants 'offered' parking space for free. It is a cafe type of concept, and the place could be a bit noisy when there are lots of customers. The kitchen is visible and you could the chef preparing your food. We heard the french fries sizzling.

With the variety of food, we chose warm mushroom salad for appertiser, and lobster bisque for soup. Mushroom salad was great, and lobster bisque is, well, just creamy tasty lobster bisque lolz. Big Fish also serve foccia bread complementary of the place. I guess I was too hungry and had forgotten to take photo of the these until we were almost done.

The seafood selection is good. There is a picture of a whole grilled rainbow trout that looked especially tempting. Since we wanted to try the varierty, we ordered a Grilled Seafood platter - scallops, grilled fish, mussels, crayfish, prawns and squid. Butter rice and french fries included. The fish was good, and same for the mussels and scallops. The buttery sauce resting in the shells and warming the mussels and scallop were sinful but nice to sip. The prawn was slightly dry but still alright. They added butter and herbs when they grilled the food I think.

Other than seafood, they serve pasta and other meats (lamb, duck...etc) as well. There is also some selection of desserts plus drinks. We were too full to eat anymore though. So for those wanting to try some nice seafood around Siglap area, you could pop by the place. Reservation is possible.

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