Monday, February 16, 2009

Queue of Haato Free Gelato Day @ Suntec

Haato was giving away free gelato on Thursday 12 Feb, in celebration of their new outlet at Suntec (1st floor and right outside Carrefour). The end result was the forming of a super long queue.

Well, the gelato is not exactly 'free' since customers could give some money when taking the gelato. Seems like Haato will give proceeds from this event to Community Chest. Haato had recently opened an outlet in Marina, and now there is this Suntec branch. Not sure how substantial would the crowd be to sustain two outlets within such close proximity.

I think Suntec people generally like to queue. Earlier when the toto Group 1 prizes were huge (New Year draws, and an earlier August draw), long snaking queues of people would be formed around the area. Here is a photo of the toto queue that I captured sometime back. The location is the same within Suntec, i.e. the Haato outlet and the Singapore Pool outlet are quite near actually.

Oh well, I guess in this climate, anything that is free is good!

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