Sunday, February 08, 2009

Souperlicious @ Suntec Tower 4 (opp. Carrefour)

Wondering what to eat for lunch is a daily choice, and for those who have worked around the same area for years, it can be a headache. So during one of the days when a few colleagues were wondering what to eat, I suggested we try out the Souperlicious (opposite Carrefour) at Suntec Tower 4. It was a relatively new set-up that replaced the Ben & Jerry.

I ordered a set, i.e. Golden Pumkin soup with a chicken half sandwich and some pasta that comes with lemon tea. Others ordered Beef Goulash & a shroomy mushroom soup. The pumpkin soup is nice but nothing extraordinarily fantastic. Similarly comments for the sandwich actually.

The portion is filling, and service is good (with the waiter helping us arrange the food and table) but the price tag is slightly on the higer end. Regular bowl of soup is about $5+ to $6.50, and the customer could add $3.90 for the half sandwich and lemon / peach tea. Overall, with GST, the cost of lunch for me was about $10.15. The good news is that a customer loyalty card is given, with a 'chop' for each $5 spent. 12 of these chops, i.e. $60, entitles you to a free set meal!

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