Friday, August 22, 2008

Malaysian PM unhappy with their rail service

Sometimes I do think that competition brings out the best in men... whether in sports, business, or even politics!

For example, now that Malaysia's politics contains high elements of competition, even their PM would take rides on their rail lines. From this article in The Star Online, it was quoted that their PM said these after his rides:

“I just saw the plight of people using the trains to get to work every morning. They were jostling to get on board every time a train arrived. There appeared to be no system.

“I’m not happy with this because the people are not getting satisfaction from riding the trains. This, we must fix,” he said.

“I found the trains really packed with so many passengers. Some had waited for three trains and yet could not board. “There’s no queue. People push their way in, women with children and old people are pushed aside,” he added.

He spent an hour traveling on the trains. I sometimes wish our politicians would also spend sometime on our MRT system, during peak hours, and without the usual VVVIP fanfare to specially clear a section of the train for them. Perhaps then they would understand why some people feel this little island is way overcrowded.

Sigh, if they (our politicians) want an end target goal of 5.5 to 6.5 million people, they should put in place sufficient infrastructure like transport system, leisure areas, schools, health facilities, hostels... etc etc. Sigh, telling people things are being built while everyone suffers this overcrowded situation is clearly not a good option (for the people suffering that is).

Looking at statistics from the comfort of big cool office is not realistic; they should have a go at the system to try it out, MRT, buses... etc.

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