Saturday, August 23, 2008

Short Tour of One Degree 15 Marina Club @ Sentosa Cove

Due to some corporate events, I've had a chance to visit the famed ONEº15 Marina Club, situated at Sentosa Cove. The place is beautiful! At the reception, there are nicely decorated sitting area, facing the sea with view of parked yachts. I understand that many of the would be residents will be able to park their own yachts. Imagine that, your yacht within the walking distance of your bedroom!

There are some arty decos which look weird to me, but I guess I'm not the arty sort of person. At the distance, there are still some construction being done.

The view is simply fantastic, but the only drawback is the heat. During the afternoon the place can be very hot. Moving in and out of the air conditioned place may be bad for those with poorer health. Oh well, if you are dressed casually, with nice cool drinks in your hand I guess the weather would be alright.

There are many function rooms, and here's the Nova Room, a large area that could house quite a number of guests, with dining facilities and a large lounge like area for conversations.

Even the toilet is nicely decorated. Lolz. I guess it is only expected, so that the overall ambience fits together.

At night the view remains great. Reaching this place is easy by taxi, but getting out could be a bit hard, since the concierge needs to call for taxi. Not all taxi is willing to travel all the way in to fetch passengers. Oh well, that is not a problem for the residents I guess, since they will definitely have cars.

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