Sunday, July 06, 2008

Hectic week - are we 'talkers' and not 'workers'?

Heh nothing particularly interesting to blog about today. Nope I'm not going to blog about how two famous female bloggers in Singapore are having a 'war', nor about the ever present inflation in Singapore.

Rather, just want to say that it's been a hectic week. Work-wise it's quite busy, till the extent when I kept having my work place calendar mixed up with lots of over-lapping stuff. Lolz, modern workers spend so much time in mtg rooms. Sometimes I wonder if 'talking' and 'discussion' will become the pre-dominant way of working. Maybe...

This week a colleague and friend left my workplace. He was from another division actually. I know of another girl leaving another Division as well. Guess people come and go at the workplace and that's also a common theme of modern work.

All these stand in contrast to years ago, when people are expected to 'work' not 'talk', and colleagues stay around for easily up to a decade. Guess that is why we are called 'workers' and not 'talkers', and the working place is known as the second home.


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