Saturday, July 05, 2008

Panda & Hancock

Watched two movies this week! This is an accomplishment in itself because I've seldom watch more than a movie per week.

I watched Kung Fu Panda and Hancock. Both are good movies. But I like the Panda better becuase it is simply soooooo funny.... muaa haa haa. Guess I kept laughing non-stop throughout the whole show. It's a family movie, for both adults and kids. The only irritating thing is that after the credits there is an additional scene? Really? How come I don't see it in the cinema... I stayed till the end!! zzz....

Ok I watched Hancock later. I guess I got high expectation for it cos in part it's acted and produced by Will Smith. Moreover, after Panda, I sort of expect an equally good movie experience with Hancock. Hancock is unlike your usual Super hero movie by painting a hero who faced rejection by society and also suffered from some measure of low self esteem. Hmm it's a good movie, worth watching... but between the two, I'll still choose the panda.

Afternote: I didn't realise that McDonald is selling Panda meals lolz... bought some Panda nuggets to try, and yupz the nuggets are not bad!

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