Monday, June 02, 2008

Sunday at Little India

Sunday is always crowded day at Little India. There are plenty to see and eat around the place on Sunday. Guess we can read about the food and shops at various blogs.

This is not a post about the food and shops though... it's about how other residents who live around the area may feel about the Sunday crowd. Driving out using car on Sunday is always a challenge from 430pm to 10pm because of the crowd. It's a great driving practice for those new drivers. Often, a car cannot stopped for the pedestrians or else there will likely be an accident where the car behind will knock into the car who stopped. Instead, one needs to move slowly but firmly, with a bit of flashing lights and also a number of car horns to navigate even a short stretch of road. So it's a good exercise of control over both brakes and accelerator at the same time, with good co-ordination for the flashing lights / horns, while watching carefully for the cars and pedestrians around your car.

I took a pic of the pedestrians (I'm not the driver lah). The pedestrians really just simply walked, with no regards that they are on the road meant for cars.

After you parked your car in the carpark and walked to the lifts, you may be greeted by this sight at the postbox cluster.

This added a bit of challenge to navigate around the sleeping bodies in order to retrieve your mails. Don't get me wrong, I perfectly understand the need for fellow workers in Singapore to have a free day where they can chat with their friends and enjoy some drinks. I merely hope that they can observe a bit of traffic safety, and spare a bit of thought for people who actually need to access the area which they made into a temporary sleeping 'bunk'. It is perfectly fine to shop around the area where I live and eat at the various nice eateries, but traffic rules are needed for a reason, and the postbox cluster is definitely not a convenient sleeping place!

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