Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sunday Meals - Instant Noodles plus Prata

Last Sunday was a hectic one cos' got to settle a number of household chores... which include cooking my own meals. Heh been a long while since I cook yeah? So I decided not to try anything too fantastic... just simple instant noodles plus wanton shrimps plus egg plus dried flavoured scallops.

It's just plain Myojo Mee chicken flavour. Added the two dried scallops, which I know are meant to be eaten as snacks and not to be cooked. I added them to the water with the flavouring and waited for the water to boil. The scallops added sweetness to the soup, while the hot flavouring added a bit of spice which is nice. Three wantons were added to the boiling 'soup' with egg as well, followed by the mee. Overall really nice. Simple meal without need for any big fuss or cooking skill. :p

Supper wasn't that great, partly cos' I had them at 515am while waiting for my family to come back from Malaysia... had the supper at the temporary Tekka Market. Quite happy that food can be found at such odd hours. Had prata, and I ordered one egg, plus one 'plaster'. The 'plaster' turned out fully cooked...zzz.... it was meant to be half or slightly more cooked. Hmm...

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