Tuesday, June 03, 2008

No more bananas in future (maybe)?

I read this piece of news on The Scientist that bananas around the world are facing a disease that could threaten to wipe out the plant. Seems like there is this Panama disease which will wilt the banana plant. It seems the disease has already wiped out an early commercial banana species known as Gros Michel. If the farmers and their respective governments are not careful, the disease would strike the rest of the banana species.

Wah... then no more bananas next time? I would miss my goreng pisang and banana split... actually I'm not a big fan of bananas, but just thought it interesting when the article said the bananas we are eating are different from those our forefathers eat. Hmm was walking pass Bugis and took a pic of the goreng pisang (70cents each).

Oh... and according to wiki, it seems like the wild bananas got seeds!


meow said...

Erm.. actually.. all bananas have seeds. Not just the wild ones. I remember learning in pri sch science class that the seeds are in the banana leh.. the black spots are the seeds mah.

Bal said...

issit? Oh so those soft black stuff are the seeds! lolz... but cannot be planted de right :p

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