Sunday, June 08, 2008

Fried Carrot Cake at Albert Centre Hawker

Ever wonder where you can get good and cheap fried carrot cake, aka cai tao kuay? There is one near Bugis Village!

I was walking home one day and dropped by the Albert Centre hawker for my dinner. It's located right opposite Bugis Village and Fu Lu Shou complex, and some folks remember the place as 'si mei lorh market' (四马路 market) cos' it's right opposite the 四马路观音堂.While I was there thinking what to eat, i remembered the cai tao kuay at that hawker. The cai tao kuay tastes good, and is cheap! Anyway the queue was too long so end up the hungry me ate some other stuff...but I took pictures of the stall (Guan Kee Cai Tao Kuay) with the long queue. From memory, the queue for this stall has ever been long, day or night. Can never figure it out why it is known as 'fried carrot cake' when honestly I don't see any carrot in it... it's radish right?

The price is about $2-3, though I'm not sure if the uncle has increased the price. While the food is good, and in large quantity ( 1 packet can feed 2-3 pax!), the uncle has a bit of an attitude... lolz but well I think it's alright... good and cheap food in good quantity so cannot 'comprain' right. :)

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