Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Akashabu @ Kallang Leisure Park

Went to Kallang Leisure Park over the weekend and decided to try out the shabu shabu (see Wiki's explanation on shabu shabu) at Akashabu. I think we were among the first customers in the restaurant for the evening so the service is good. Ordered a number of dishes, including pork, duck (not bad!), mushroom, squid...etc etc. Here's a pic of the spread:

Not bad hor? The food is good. I guess partly cos' of the sauce they use. The brown brown mustard like thingy is actually quite good for the pork and duck. It kills off the heavy meat smell while offering a good taste to the otherwise bland meat. Other than the brown stuff, they also give soy sauce with chilli and garlic, so it's up to individual's taste with the sauces. The food is fresh in general. Hmm the salmon sashimi is also fresh but a bit expensive with $6 for 3 pieces.

Oh, we also ordered crab! Actually we wanted the softshell crab,but they made a mistake and gave us the raw big crab instead. Here's the crab. Big hor? The best part is the crab roe inside... waaahhhhh over-flowing crab roe...!

Overall experience is not too bad. Food is alright if you feel like having shabu shabu. The service is so so, but a bit short of staff when the restaurant is full. I think the general review online for this place is that the service is not great lolz, but well there is still a crowd wanting to eat at the restaurant. The price is...well...shabu shabu price lor... minus off the crab it is about $48 for 2... crab is $25 so total about $73.

Oh, for those shabu shabu fans, the pot they use can be bought at NTUC Fairprice for $50.... and you can get the meat...etc etc as well :)

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