Saturday, June 14, 2008

PC Show 2008

Was at the PC Show 2008 (Suntec Convention Hall) on Thursday! Went right after lunch when there isn't a (big) crowd (yet), heh heh. Since I already know what I want, I went straight to the Canon booths, and bought the camera IXUS 860 IS.

Guess they didn't really drop the prices of the products too much, but I got a couple of freebies, including 2 x 4GB memory cards, spare battery, casing...etc. Yupz here's a pic of the loot!

At the PC Show, there was also this demo of a racing car using three LCD TVs. Not bad, especially if we use it to play Daytona like types of games. The device also offers some feedback mechanism so that when you crash there is some movement at the driver seat. Oh well, then again who would put three LCD sets at home right.

There were a lot of other non-IT booths there, saw some credit cards booth, and even Carrefour! Ok ok they were selling PC, but yah some unexpected booths right.

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