Friday, June 20, 2008

Riverside Indonesian BBQ @ Plaza Singapura

I've tried the BBQ at Plaza Sing foodcourt for a number of times, partly cos' of my sis's strong recommendation when she 'discovered' it a long time back. What is interesting is that this stall continues to be so popular over time and so I guess I should also recommend it to others.

The stall is Riverside Indonesia BBQ.

They offer a number of different choices, ranging from $4.80 (for chicken and fish) to $5.80 for the sotong (i.e. squid). Here's the menu and click for a larger picture.

The queue is really long and snakes round the corner but the food is worth the wait. The service is actually quite fast so I guess it is just too popular. Their chilli is also good...with onion and ikan billis added in. I think the chilli makes the difference, and so this particular BBQ stall is better than others at other foodcourts.

The sotong takes a while (roughly two minutes wait) since they BBQ it only when ordered. The rice comes with egg and vegetables (cabbage), and curry sauce. For those ordering the chicken set, you can get it almost immediately.

Looks yummy right? Hee here's the chicken set. ;) If you don't like grilled chicken, they also have the curry chicken version.

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