Monday, June 23, 2008

East Coast's New Big Splash!

We went to the beach near East Coast's revamped Big Splash for a picnic on Saturday. A very enjoyable trip (except for the car parking, which is madness...the wait can be very long!)! Guess there is a reason for the large crowd on weekends. The whole place looks very different from the previous Big Splash... *obviously*... *ahem*... *oops I'm really old*.

There was a weekend market at the place, with folks selling stuff displayed from their car booths. Had a cup of kopi-gao from the Old Town White Coffee place, and the taste of the kopi is not bad ($1.60). There was also this made-up playground for tank fights. Yesh... tank fights! These are the toy tanks. The deco of the playground is quite good, and there is even a mini- 'No Entry' military signboard!

I think the tanks can be rented from the AceHobby (should be them, since they have that big big banner at the background of the picture. Saw 2 kids controlling their tanks and trying to 'fight' another tank controlled by the retailer. Obviously the kiddos would be whacked.... lolz.

Ok ok back to the picnic. We had specially prepared avocado sandwiches... and bit of Carls' Jr. The scenery is good, and especially enjoyable with cooling sea breeze. Luckily there was no rain. Saw a lot of folks pitching their tents there for the afternoon. Hmm interesting idea. Oh, we were nearly hit by a friskbee... and i threw it back at the group, which was a bit of a disaster cos' I'm totally so inept ... *ahem*...

Oh, guess it is near to the National Day timeline and there were helicopter flying the national flag around . This fellow is flying a bit low though :) and so we all enjoyed the view. Great way to spend a weekend.

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